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Saves an item change that contains unit change changes to the item store.


This method is now obsolete.

HRESULT SaveChangeWithChangeUnits(
  ISyncChange * pChange,
  ISaveChangeWithChangeUnitsContext * pSaveContext);



[in] The item change to apply.


[in] Information about the change to be applied.

  • S_OK

  • Provider-determined error codes

When SaveChangeWithChangeUnits is called, the provider must take one of the following actions:

When the action that is contained in pSaveContext is SSA_CREATE, either all of the change units must be saved successfully or the entire item change must be discarded. Saving some of the change units and failing to save others can result in data corruption.

When ISaveChangeWithChangeUnitsContext::SetRecoverableErrorOnChangeUnit is called and pSaveContext is SSA_CREATE, SetRecoverableErrorOnChangeUnit returns SYNC_E_ON_CREATE_MUST_FAIL_ENTIRE_ITEM.

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