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Message XSDs

This topic describes the XML schema definitions (XSDs) that are common to many or all Application Integration Framework (AIF) messages. This topic does not include XSDs that are specific to a particular service (such as CustomerService) that is specified in the <Action> tag of the message.

The system checks all AIF messages against the appropriate XSDs. Messages that fail these validation tests are rejected.

All AIF related XSDs are stored in the database table named AifSchemaStore. Some of the common XSDs are also stored in files under the Microsoft Dynamics AX installation directory. These files are useful duplicates of their corresponding records in the AifSchemaStore table. These files are installed in the following directory path:

<InstallationDirectory> \Microsoft Dynamics AX\ <version> \

Axapta Application\Share\Include\.

The following table lists the common AIF XSDs that are available XSDs.




Defines the <EntityKey> tag and all tags that can appear nested underneath it.


Defines the <EntityKeyList> tag. It specifies the <EntityKey> tag, but it leaves the more deeply nested tags for the EntityKey.xsd file to specify.


Defines the <Fault> tag. This is the valid format for a SOAP fault.


Defines the <Envelope> tag, which is the outermost tag in an AIF message. It specifies the whole <Header> section. It also specifies the <Body> tag and the <MessageParts> tag that is always nested immediately under <Body>.


Defines the <QueryCriteria> tag and the nested <CriteriaElement> tag. It also specifies tags at the level of <Operator>, and it lists all the valid values for the <Operator> tag (such as GreaterOrEqual).

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