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Compiler Error CS1928

Visual Studio 2008

'Type' does not contain a definition for 'method' and the best extension method overload 'method' has some invalid arguments.

This error is produced when the compiler cannot find a class member with the name of the method you have called. It can find an extension method with that name, but not with a signature that matches the types you passed in with your method call.

To correct this error

  • Pass in types that match an existing extension method or class method.

The following code generates CS1928:

// cs1928.cs
class Test
    static void Main()
        Test t = new Test();
        t.M("hi"); // CS1928
static class Ext
    public static void M(this Test t, int i)

This error is often accompanied by CS1503: Argument 'n': cannot convert from 'typeA' to 'typeB'.

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