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Assn Element

Last modified: July 01, 2011

Applies to: Office 2010 | Project 2010 | Project Server 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

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Specifies the identity of the assignment to change with a status update and contains change information.

  ResID="Text" >




Required Text. Specifies the GUID of the assignment. Values must be in the form "HHHHHHHH-HHHH-HHHH-HHHH-HHHHHHHHHHHH" where "H" represents a hexadecimal digit between "0" and "F".


Optional Text. Specifies the GUID of the resource for the assignment. Values must be in the form "HHHHHHHH-HHHH-HHHH-HHHH-HHHHHHHHHHHH" where "H" represents a hexadecimal digit between "0" and "F".

Minimum: 0

Maximum: Unbounded

For information about updatable assignment fields, PIDs, and required data types, see Supported Project Fields and Field Information for Statusing ChangeXML.

For a code example that includes the ResID attribute of an Assn element in a changeList parameter, see UpdateStatus.

The following example specifies multiple updates to a single assignment, where changes are not tracked. The Change element updates the Percent Work Complete field to the integer value of 25. Three PeriodChange elements specify timephased updates to the Actual Work field for the assignment. These updates use Project Time Unit values to add 4, 2, and 6 hours of actual work to the assignment with the times specified by the Start and End attributes of the PeriodChange elements.

  <Proj ID="a47faeab-0f72-455a-b629-d62faf5fece6">
    <Assn ID="6c9888a8-a782-47ac-a905-e84ad1fe0fb2">
      <Change PID="251658274">
      <PeriodChange PID="251658250" Start="2006-10-27T08:00:00" End="2006-10-27T12:00:00">
      <PeriodChange PID="251658250"  Start="2006-10-28T08:00:00" End="2006-10-27T10:00:00">
      <PeriodChange PID="251658250"  Start="2006-10-29T08:00:00" End="2006-10-27T14:00:00">
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