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Choose Your Database Objects Dialog Box (Entity Data Model Wizard)

The Choose Your Database Objects dialog box is part of the Entity Data Model Wizard and appears after you have selected the server and database to use. This dialog box displays the tables, views, and stored procedures available to include in the Entity Data Model (EDM).

Select the objects to include in the EDM. By default, no objects in the database are selected.


If you choose to include stored procedures in the EDM, the wizard modifies the storage model accordingly. However, you must use the Model Browser to create the corresponding conceptual model entries. For more information, see How to: Import a Stored Procedure or How to: Map Modification Functions to Stored Procedures.

Provide a namespace name in the Model Namespace box. The namespace name is used in the conceptual model, storage model, and generated source code file. The namespace must be unique for the project. The wizard checks if the project has an EDM model with the same namespace and makes the namespace unique by adding a "0", "1", and so on, to the namespace name.

Any errors, warnings, or messages that are generated by the wizard will be visible in the Error List after the wizard closes.


If no objects are selected, or if there are no objects in the selected database, a message appears that asks you if you want to create an empty model. If you click yes, the wizard creates an empty model, adds a connection string to the App.Config or Web.Config file, and creates a default model namespace.

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