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How to: Repair Orphaned Members in Application Systems

Visual Studio 2008

In System Designer, you can repair an orphaned member of an application system. You can repair the member by selecting a definition to associate with that member. For more information about orphaned members, see Troubleshooting System Diagrams.


To select a definition for an orphaned system, make sure the system diagram for that definition is open. If you do not want to repair the orphaned member, you can delete that member from the system diagram. You can also restore the definition name to its previous name temporarily so that you can rename the orphaned member while the system diagram is open. For more information, see How to: View Application and System Definitions from System Diagrams and How to: Rename Applications on Application Diagrams.

To repair an orphaned member in an application system

  1. On the system diagram, click the orphaned member and then click Repair on the Diagram menu.

  2. In the Repair Orphaned Member dialog box, select a definition from the Definition Name list and click OK.


    If no compatible definitions appear in Definition Name list, click Cancel and add the definition that you want to your solution. For more information, see Troubleshooting System Diagrams.

    The member should no longer appear orphaned.

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