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Business Note Object

Office 2007
The Business Note object represents a detailed note that is associated with a new or existing account, business contact, or opportunity.

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 Version Added:  Outlook 2007


Business Contact Manager for Outlook


To create a business note programmatically, do the following:

  1. Instantiate an Outlook.JournalItem object, where the journal item is of type Business Note.
  2. Assign the required properties— subject, body, and so on— to the note.
  3. Set the Parent Entity EntryID property of the journal item to the entry ID of a new or existing account, business contact, or opportunity object.

You must link a Business Note object with an Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, or Business Project object. The Communication History folder contains business note items.


The following C# and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) examples show how to create a new object instance of type Business Note.


Outlook.JournalItem journalItem = (Outlook.JournalItem)historyFolder.Items.Add("IPM.Activity.BCM.BusinessNote");
            journalItem.Type = "Business Note";
            journalItem.Subject = "Discussion with Sales Manager";
            journalItem.Body = "As per the discussion on 23-Jun-2005, we agreed to give 15% on our products";

            if (journalItem.UserProperties["Parent Entity EntryID"] == null)
                Outlook.UserProperty userProp = journalItem.UserProperties.Add("Parent Entity EntryID", Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlUserPropertyType.olText, false, false);
                userProp.Value = accountEntryID;

Visual Basic for Applications

Set newBusinessNote = bcmHistoryFolder.Items.Add("IPM.Activity.BCM.BusinessNote")
   newBusinessNote.Subject = "Business Note associated with Account"
   newBusinessNote.Type = "Business Note"
   If (newBusinessNote.UserProperties("Parent Entity EntryID") Is Nothing) Then
        Set userProp = newBusinessNote.UserProperties.Add("Parent Entity EntryID", olText, False, False)
        userProp.Value = newAcct.EntryID
   End If


User Properties (Business Contact Manager only)

Created By, Great Grand Parent Entity EntryID Property, Modified By, Parent Entity EntryID,

Parent Objects

JournalItem Object

For more information, see the Outlook 2007 Developer Reference by going to the MSDN Office Developer Center Web site.

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