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Contact Forms Overview

Office 2007

The General page of a contact form can be modified, but you cannot customize the other default pages using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 form pages customizations. You can hide these pages and create new pages on the form if you choose.

You can customize the General page of a form by adding an adjoining form region. You can also use form regions to replace existing form pages. Learn more about form regions.

Bb266739.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
On the General page, you cannot modify the address, phone, and e-mail "selector" lists that contain the names of standard Outlook fields. Also, the FileAs list offers two choices if only a contact's first and last name are entered, or five choices if a company name is also entered. This list of choices cannot be modified. However, you do have options here when you use form regions.

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