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Formatting and VBA Codes for Headers and Footers

Office 2007

The following special formatting and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) codes can be included as a part of the header and footer properties (LeftHeader, CenterHeader, RightHeader, LeftFooter, CenterFooter, and RightFooter).

Format codeDescription
&LLeft aligns the characters that follow.
&CCenters the characters that follow.
&RRight aligns the characters that follow.
&ETurns double-underline printing on or off.
&XTurns superscript printing on or off.
&YTurns subscript printing on or off.
&BTurns bold printing on or off.
&ITurns italic printing on or off.
&UTurns underline printing on or off.
&STurns strikethrough printing on or off.
&"fontname"Prints the characters that follow in the specified font. Be sure to include the double quotation marks.
&nnPrints the characters that follow in the specified font size. Use a two-digit number to specify a size in points.
&colorPrints the characters in the specified color. User supplies a hexidecimal color value.
VBA codeDescription
&DPrints the current date.
&TPrints the current time.
&FPrints the name of the document.
&APrints the name of the workbook tab.
&PPrints the page number.
&P+numberPrints the page number plus the specified number.
&P-numberPrints the page number minus the specified number.
&&Prints a single ampersand.
&NPrints the total number of pages in the document.
&ZPrints the file path.
&GInserts an image.


The following code shows how formatting and VBA codes can be used to modify the header information and appearance.

Sub Date_Time()
    ActiveSheet.PageSetup.CenterHeader = "&D  &B&ITime:&I&B&T"
End Sub

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