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WdInsertedTextMark Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies the formatting of text that is inserted while change tracking is enabled.

Version Information
 Version Added:  

wdInsertedTextMarkBold1Inserted text is displayed in bold.
wdInsertedTextMarkColorOnly5Inserted text is displayed in a specified color.
wdInsertedTextMarkDoubleUnderline4Inserted text is marked up by using double-underline characters.
wdInsertedTextMarkItalic2Inserted text is displayed in italic.
wdInsertedTextMarkNone0Inserted text is not marked up.
wdInsertedTextMarkStrikeThrough6Inserted text is marked up by using strikethrough characters.
wdInsertedTextMarkUnderline3Inserted text is underlined.
wdInsertedTextMarkDoubleStrikeThrough7Inserted text is marked up by using double-strikethrough characters.

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