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Sharing Programming Projects

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer does not provide the ability to create multiple projects, so sharing a project may be a little confusing at first glance. You can share your Office SharePoint Designer projects by using one of the following two methods:

  • As an add-in.
  • By exporting the .bas, .cls, and .frm modules to a directory on your hard drive (or a server location) so that the user can import the modules to their project in Office SharePoint Designer.

Sharing as an add-in

For a detailed information about creating both COM and managed add-ins for Office applications, see the Office Developer Center on MSDN.

Sharing by exporting the project

You can export your modules from the Visual Basic Editor by selecting the module in the Project window and then clicking Export File on the File menu. In the Export File dialog box, select the directory you want the file to reside in. Office SharePoint Designer takes care of the rest.

When exporting UserForm files, you must also include the .frx file. This file is used during the import process and does not need to be imported, but it does need to be available in the same directory as the other modules.

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