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Effect Interfaces (Direct3D 10)

This section contains information about the following effect-system interfaces:

ID3D10EffectBlendVariable Interface Accesses blend state.
ID3D10EffectConstantBuffer Interface Accesses a texture-buffer or a constant-buffer.
ID3D10EffectDepthStencilVariable Interface Accesses depth-stencil state.
ID3D10EffectDepthStencilViewVariable Interface Accesses a depth-stencil view.
ID3D10Effect Interface Encapsulates pipeline state in one or more rendering techniques.
ID3D10Include Interface User-implemented methods for reading include files.
ID3D10EffectMatrixVariable Interface Accesses a matrix.
ID3D10EffectPass Interface Encapsulates effect state in a pass.
ID3D10EffectPool Interface Identifies shared-effect variables.
ID3D10EffectRasterizerVariable Interface Accesses rasterizer state.
ID3D10EffectRenderTargetViewVariable Interface Accesses a render target.
ID3D10EffectSamplerVariable Interface Accesses sampler state.
ID3D10EffectScalarVariable Interface Accesses a scalar variable.
ID3D10EffectShaderResourceVariable Interface Accesses a shader resource.
ID3D10EffectShaderVariable Interface Accesses a shader variable.
ID3D10EffectStringVariable Interface Accesses a string.
ID3D10EffectTechnique Interface Encapsulates one or more passes.
ID3D10EffectType Interface Implements methods for accessing effect variables.
ID3D10EffectVectorVariable Interface Accesses a vector.


There are two kinds of interfaces in the effect framework: rendering interfaces for rendering an effect and reflection interfaces for getting and setting effect variables with the API. All reflection interfaces derive from ID3D10EffectVariable Interface.

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