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Core Structures

This section contains information about the following core structures:

D3D10_BLEND_DESC Blending options for a Direct3D 10.0 device.
D3D10_BLEND_DESC1 Blending options for a Direct3D 10.1 device.
D3D10_BOX A rectangular region, often in a texture.
D3D10_COUNTER_DESC A performance-counter description.
D3D10_COUNTER_INFO Information about the video card's performance counter capabilities.
D3D10_DEPTH_STENCIL_DESC A depth-stencil description.
D3D10_DEPTH_STENCILOP_DESC A depth-stencil operation.
D3D10_INFO_QUEUE_FILTER A debug-message filter.
D3D10_INFO_QUEUE_FILTER_DESC A debug-message-filter description.
D3D10_INPUT_ELEMENT_DESC A vertex-buffer element description for an input slot.
D3D10_QUERY_DATA_PIPELINE_STATISTICS Pipeline query statistics.
D3D10_QUERY_DATA_SO_STATISTICS Stream-output stage query statistics.
D3D10_QUERY_DATA_TIMESTAMP_DISJOINT Timestamp query statistics.
D3D10_QUERY_DESC A query description.
D3D10_MESSAGE A debug message for the information queue.
D3D10_RASTERIZER_DESC Rasterizer-stage description.
D3D10_RECT A 2D rectangle.
D3D10_RENDER_TARGET_BLEND_DESC1 Blending options for a Direct3D 10.1 render target.
D3D10_SAMPLER_DESC A sampler description.
D3D10_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC Describes a shader-resource view for Direct3D 10.0.
D3D10_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC1 Describes a shader-resource view for Direct3D 10.1.
D3D10_SIGNATURE_PARAMETER_DESC A shader-parameter description.
D3D10_STATE_BLOCK_MASK A state-block mask.
D3D10_SO_DECLARATION_ENTRY A vertex-buffer element description for an output slot.
D3D10_VIEWPORT Viewport dimensions.


In addition, there is a 2D rectangle structure defined in d3d10.h.

typedef RECT D3D10_RECT;

For documentation, see RECT.

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