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Install SQL Server Data Tools to create reports on Azure

Updated: May 9, 2014

SQL Reporting will discontinue service on October 31, 2014. See this FAQ for details. For reporting on Microsoft Azure, visit Virtual Machines on

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is an authoring tool used for creating reports, Analysis Services databases, and Integration Services packages. It includes the Report Designer used for building RDL reports that you host on Azure.

If you have the installation media for SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012, you can install SQL Server Data Tools (previously known as Business Intelligence Development Studio or BIDS), and use Report Designer to create RDL reports which you then deploy or upload to SQL Reporting on Azure.

You can also obtain a free version of SSDT from Microsoft. You can install either the Visual Studio 2012 version or the Visual Studio 2010 version of SSDT. Only the Visual Studio shell that provides menus and workspaces is installed. Visual Studio itself is not installed, and no license is required.

The Visual Studio 2012 version of SSDT BI is now available as a web download from the Microsoft Download center.

If you have a prior version of SSDT BI or BIDS installed on your computer, the newer version is installed side-by-side the previous version. It's common to run newer and older versions of the design tools on a single workstation so that you can modify projects and solutions tied to specific versions of the server.

There are several download sites for the Visual Studio 2012 version of SSDT. Some downloads do not include the BI project templates. Using the link previously provided will get you the correct version. You'll know that you have the correct version of SSDT if you see the Business Intelligence project templates folder. This folder contains the project templates for Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services. Depending on how you installed SSDT, you might also see an additional project template for SQL Server databases.

The Visual Studio 2010 version of SSDT BI is available through SQL Server Express with Advanced Services.

  1. Go to the download page for SQL Server 2012 Express with Advanced Services.

  2. There are two versions: 32-bit (x86\SQLEXPRADV_x86_<lang>.exe) and 64-bit (x64\SQLEXPRADV_x64_<lang>.exe). Click Download to install the version that corresponds to the bit-level of your operating system. The file will be saved to your Downloads folder.

  3. Go to the Downloads folder on your computer, and double-click the setup package to begin installation.

  4. Click New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to existing installation to start the installation wizard.

  5. In the Feature Selection page, choose SQL Server Data Tools.

  6. Click Next through each subsequent page until you get to the last page.

  7. Click Install.

  1. From the Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2012, click SQL Server Data Tools.

  2. Click New Project.

  3. In Installed Templates, click Reporting Services.

  4. Click Report Server Project, and then click OK.

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