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Migrating with Azure Cloud Services

Updated: December 6, 2013

This section describes the Azure Cloud Services and its accompanying technologies and functionalities. In addition, the section provides guidance on how to use these technologies and functionalities when migrating your applications and databases to Azure Cloud Services environment. The section provides detailed comparison charts on when to use which storage options and migration tools.

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Topic Description

Development Considerations for Azure Cloud Services

Provides introductory information on the Azure Cloud Services as well as the primary supported technologies that you need to use while developing or migrating applications to Azure Services.

Overview of Data Management Services in Azure

Describes the data management offerings provided by Azure, such as Azure Tables, Blobs, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Drives.

Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure SQL Database

Provides guidance on how to migrate a database from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, including migration of both the data object definitions in the schemas, and the data in the tables.

Migrating Data to Tables and Blobs in Azure

Provides guidance on migrating your applications to use Azure Data Management offerings: Table, Blob, and Azure Drive (backed by Page Blob).

Considerations for Migrating to Azure Caching

Providence guidance on when to use Azure Caching service while migrating your data to Azure.

Migrating Applications that Use Messaging Technologies

Provides guidance on migrating your applications that use messaging technologies, especially, Microsoft Message Queuing.

Migrating Applications to Use Local Storage

Provides guidance on using local storage on the virtual machine in which your application instance is running.

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