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query_params Class

Updated: April 26, 2013

The query_params class represents the various options passed to the select() function on the mobile table class. Rather than asking the application to format the query, this class allows the implementation to do all the formatting while also checking for valid input.

class query_params;


Name Description

query_params::query_params Constructor

Overloaded. Default constructor


Name Description

query_params::include_total Method

Ensure the query will get the total count for all the records that would have been returned ignoring any take paging/limit clause specified by client or server.

query_params::orderby Method

Order the results by a given property (column).

query_params::select Method

Overloaded. Select a subset of properties to return in the result.

query_params::skip Method

Skip the first given number of records.

query_params::take Method

Return only a given number of records.

query_params::where Method

Add a filter expression to the query.

Header: azuremobile.h

Namespace: azure::mobile

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