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DataServiceQuery Class (Table Service Support)

Updated: June 30, 2010

The Microsoft® .NET Client Library for WCF Data Services provides the DataServiceQuery class as part of the System.Data.Services.Client assembly. The DataServiceQuery class represents the runtime context with a specified data service.

This topic details which members of the DataServiceQuery class you may use to work with the Table service, which members are unsupported, and which members are supported with some differences. For complete documentation of the .NET Client Library, see .NET Client Library for WCF Data Services.

DataServiceQuery Methods

The following table notes which methods of the DataServiceContext class are supported. All unsupported operations throw a NotSupportedException.


Method name Table service support Additional information


Supported as defined.


Supported as defined.


Supported as defined.


Supported as defined.


Not supported.

Links are not supported.


Supported as defined.

DataServiceQuery Properties

All DataServiceQuery properties are supported by the Table service.

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