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This function is used to initialize and add an _AtlCreateWndData structure.

Important note Important

This function cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

ATLINLINE ATLAPI_(void) AtlWinModuleAddCreateWndData( 
_ATL_WIN_MODULE * pWinModule, 
_AtlCreateWndData* pData, 
void * pObject 


Pointer to a module's _ATL_WIN_MODULE70 structure.


Pointer to the _AtlCreateWndData structure to be initialized and added to the current module.


Pointer to an object's this pointer.

Initializes an _AtlCreateWndData structure, which is used to store the this pointer used to refer to class instances, and adds it to the list referenced by a module's _ATL_WIN_MODULE70 structure. Called by CAtlWinModule::AddCreateWndData.

Header: atlbase.h

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