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Creating Resource Assemblies

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Resource assemblies are useful when you need to frequently update resources in a program without having to recompile the entire solution. By placing all of your resources into a resource-only assembly, you can update the assembly as needed without having to recompile your application. Resources compiled into resource assemblies can be retrieved using the ResourceManager class. For more information, see Retrieving Resources with the ResourceManager Class.

To create a resource-only assembly

  1. Create a new application with the Empty Project template.
  2. From the Project menu, choose Add Existing Item to add your resource files to your project.
  3. In Solution Explorer, right-click your project and choose Properties from the shortcut menu to open the Project Property Pages.
  4. In the Output Type drop-down menu, change the output type of your project to Class Library.

    This will cause your assembly to be compiled as a .dll file.

  5. From the Build menu, choose Build <your project> where <your project> is the name of your project.

    Your resources are compiled into the assembly.

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