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DefaultFilePath Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies the default drive and directory used by an Application object. Available at run time.

ApplicationObject.DefaultFilePath[ = cPath]

Property Values

Specifies one of the following:
  • A drive designator.
  • A drive designator with a directory name.
  • A child directory name.
  • Any of the above using MS-DOS® shorthand notation ( \ or ..).


The DefaultFilePath property is similar to SET DEFAULT.

Visual FoxPro searches for a file in the default Visual FoxPro directory. The default directory is the one from which you start Visual FoxPro. However, you can use the DefaultFilePath property to specify a different default directory. If Visual FoxPro cannot find a file in the default directory, it then searches the Visual FoxPro path if one has been specified. Use SET PATH to specify the Visual FoxPro path.

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Applies To: Application Object, _VFP System Variable

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