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Exporting to XML

SQL Server 2000

You can export any kind of meta data stored in the repository to an XML file, including instance data from the Contents folder and information model elements from the Information Models folder.

The format of the XML is defined by MDC OIM XML Encoding. For more information, see Using XML Encoding.

To export to XML, right-click an element and then click Export to XML.

The scope of an export varies depending on whether the selected element is related to other elements. For elements that are related through containing or aggregate relationships, the XML export file includes the related data. In the Contents folder, where the relationship between parent and child elements is a containing relationship, the export file includes multiple XML tagged elements. In contrast, relationships between elements in the Information Models folder are typically not containing relationships. As a result, XML export files for elements in the Information Models folder include XML data for only the selected node.

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