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Repository Object Properties Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use this dialog box to view properties of a repository object. The name of the current object determines the name of the dialog box. For example, if the object name is TblCustomer, the dialog box name is TblCustomer Properties.

If you are running Meta Data Browser as a stand-alone snap-in, and you are running in either Power User or Administrator browse mode, you can edit property values.

This dialog box appears when you right-click an object in the Contents folder or in the Information Models folder, and then click Properties.



Displays the name of the object or information model.

Class Name

Displays the name of the class upon which an object is based. The class name is a repository API class that provides meta data about the object.


Shows the name of the property.
Data Type
Shows the data type of a property.
Shows the user-defined value of a property. Depending on your browser mode, you can click the value to invoke an in-place editor used to modify the value.

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