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Repository API

SQL Server 2000

The repository API is a programming interface that is used to drive the repository engine from within application code.

The API is based on an object model that describes repository engine functionality and type definitions that correspond to information models. Examples of engine functionality include transaction, workspace management, and connection services. Examples of type definitions include class, interface, property, and relationship definitions. In practice, the distinction between the two parts of the object model is artificial. Depending on the requirements of your application code, you will invoke objects of either type whenever and wherever you need to.

The API is exposed through Component Object Model (COM) and COM Automation interfaces, supporting an open standard for application development so that you can program using any COM-compliant programming language.

By using the Meta Data Services Software Development Kit (SDK), you can build models that conform to the type definitions supported by the API. After you build and install a model, you can instantiate objects and invoke interfaces through application code. Instantiated objects support interfaces that have single-valued properties and collections of relationships.

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