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Monitoring Performance

SQL Server 2000

You can monitor report server performance to evaluate server activity, observe trends, diagnose system bottlenecks, or gather data to determine whether the current configuration is adequate. Use a combination of technologies and tools to get comprehensive information about how the system is performing:

  • Microsoft® Windows® servers can provide information through the Performance tool, Performance Logs and Alerts, and Task Manager.
  • SQL Server utilities can provide information about the report server database and temporary databases used for caching and session management. For more information, see the performance evaluation section in SQL Server Books Online.
  • Reporting Services includes performance counters and events that can be used to collect information about report processing and resource consumption. Two performance objects can be used to monitor the status and activity of instances and components. You can choose Reporting Services to monitor report server performance, or Scheduling and Delivery Processor to monitor scheduled operations and report delivery.

    Note  Report Manager uses ASP.NET performance counters. You can use ASP.NET performance counters to monitor Report Manager performance. Custom performance counters are provided only for report servers and Scheduling and Delivery Processor.

If you have multiple report server instances on a single machine, you can monitor the instances together or separately. Choosing which instances to include is part of adding a counter. For more information about using the Performance tool and adding counters, see the Microsoft Windows product documentation.

The following table describes the topics in this section.

Topic Description
Performance Counters for Report Server Describes the performance counters used by the report server.
Performance Counters for Scheduling and Delivery Processor Describes the performance counters used by Scheduling and Delivery Processor.

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