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Analysis Services Error Messages

SQL Server 2000

This section describes the cause and resolution for specific error messages that users frequently encounter.

The following table describes the topics in this section.

Error number Message text
117 Unexpected fatal error occurred. Attempting to restart server.%0\r\n
123 The server is out of memory.%0
2437 An unexpected internal error has occurred.
3013, 30163, 30322, or 33031 Data source provider error: provider message
3151 The user could not be authenticated.
3238 Connection to the server is lost
30159 Error(%s1): The object structure is not valid (%s2)

Invalid procedure call or argument.

30973 Unable to browse the cube '%s1'.

Unable to open connection.

30979 Unable to browse the dimension '%s1'.

The operation requested failed due to timeout.

31040 and 31041 Connection to server failed.

Errors occurred while connecting to server name.
Server message Do you still want to register this server?

-2147221453 Unable to connect to the registry on the server computer (<server name>), or you are not a member of the OLAP Administrators group on this server.
-2147221455 Cannot retrieve the repository information from the server computer (<server name>).
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