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Building a DTS Custom Task

SQL Server 2000

In Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages, you can include custom tasks, which are DTS tasks implemented by your or third party vendors. Custom tasks can be included in packages created by applications, or they can be registered so that they are referenced from DTS Designer. There are additional constraints a custom task must satisfy if it is to be used in DTS Designer. For more information, see DTS Example: Running Concurrent Operations in Visual Basic.

To implement a custom task, you must:

  • Use a programming language that supports COM, such as Microsoft® Visual C++® or Microsoft Visual Basic®.

  • Implement the CustomTask interface and optionally implement other DTS custom task interfaces. Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 supplies objects that define these interfaces.

  • Add registration code to your custom task if you want to avoid registering the task from DTS Designer.

Any DTS custom task implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic must execute on the main thread. If the custom task is included in an Execute Package task, the Execute Package task will also need to run on the main thread. Similarly, if the custom task is manipulated (for example, has one of its property values assigned) by a Dynamic Properties task, the Dynamic Properties task will need to execute on the main thread.

This section explains how to implement custom tasks and provides examples.

Topic Description
DTS Custom Task Fundamentals Describes the CustomTask interface that all custom tasks must implement.
Including a DTS Custom Task User Interface Describes the CustomTaskUI interface, which custom tasks that have a custom property page must implement.
Registering a DTS Custom Task Describes how to register custom tasks from DTS Designer and how to support registration from the command prompt.
Additional DTS Custom Task Features Explains how to raise package events, write to log tables and files, and use the DTS properties provider from a custom task.
DTS Custom Task Examples in Visual Basic Shows how to implement a basic DTS custom task and how to add functionality to it in Visual Basic.
Implementing DTS Custom Tasks in Visual C++ Explains how to use the Active Template Library (ATL) to implement DTS custom tasks in Visual C++.
DTS Custom Task Examples in Visual C++ Provides examples of DTS custom task examples implemented in Visual C++.

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