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Managing DTS Package Properties

SQL Server 2000

In Data Transformation Services (DTS), you can retrieve or set package properties graphically, with DTS Designer, or programmatically. For more information on managing package properties programmatically, see Creating DTS Packages with the DTS Object Model.

With DTS Designer, you can view or monitor properties associated with:

  • Package identification.

  • Errors.

  • Microsoft Windows® events.

  • Global variables.

  • Transactions.

To view or modify DTS package properties

Enterprise Manager

DTS Designer also includes a feature called Disconnected Edit that lets you view or modify any property in a package. Use this feature when you need to reconfigure package connections so a package configured for one environment can be run in another. However, use Disconnected Edit to manage package properties only when other methods of modifying package properties are unavailable. For more information, see Editing DTS Package Properties with Disconnected Edit.

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