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Creating a DTS Package

SQL Server 2000

You create Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages either by using tools provided with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 or by programming the DTS object model.

Package Construction Method


Recommended Usage
DTS Import/Export Wizard An easy-to-use tool that guides you, a step at a time, through the process of creating a DTS package. For simple data transformation or data movement solutions (for example, importing tabular data into a SQL Server 2000 database).
DTS Designer An application that uses graphical objects to help you build packages containing complex workflows.

DTS Designer includes a set of model DTS Package Templates, each designed for a specific solution that you can copy and customize for your own installation.

For sophisticated data transformation solutions requiring multiple connections, complex workflows, and event-driven logic.

DTS package templates are geared toward new users who are learning about DTS Designer or more experienced users who want assistance setting up specific DTS functionalities (for example, data driven queries).

Programming DTS Applications Programming applications that you can use to write and compile a DTS package either in Microsoft Visual Basic® or Microsoft Visual C++®. For developers who want to access the DTS object model directly and exert a fine degree of control over package operations.

Packages created programmatically can be opened and further customized in DTS Designer. In addition, packages created in the DTS Import/Export Wizard or DTS Designer can be saved as a Visual Basic program and then opened and further customized in a development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio®.

DTS packages created on an instance of SQL Server 2000 cannot be loaded or run on an instance of SQL Server version 7.0 or earlier. For more information, see SQL Server Backward Compatibility Details.

To create a DTS package using the DTS Import/Export Wizard


To create a DTS package using DTS Designer

Enterprise Manager

To access a DTS package template

Enterprise Manager

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