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Windows Mobile 6.5
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The get_FullScreenMode method queries whether the video renderer is in full-screen mode.

HRESULT get_FullScreenMode(
  long* FullScreenMode


[out] Pointer to a variable that receives the value OATRUE if the video renderer is in full-screen mode, or OAFALSE otherwise.

Returns an HRESULT value.

This method is called by the filter graph manager when asked to render the video to full-screen size.

If the renderer does not have inherent support for full-screen playback, it should return E_NOTIMPL; otherwise, it should return NOERROR.

If the renderer supports full-screen playback, this method determines if it is currently on or off.

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 2.12 and later
Windows MobilePocket PC for Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later, Smartphone for Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later
NoteMicrosoft DirectShow applications and DirectShow filters have different include file and Library requirements
For more information, see Setting Up the Build Environment, Version 2.12 requires DXPAK 1.0 or later

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