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Windows Mobile 6.5
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This function draws an icon in the specified device context.

BOOL DrawIcon(
  HDC hDC, 
  int X, 
  int Y, 
  HICON hIcon


[in] Handle to the device context for a window.


[in] Specifies the logical x-coordinate of the upper-left corner of the icon.


[in] Specifies the logical y-coordinate of the upper-left corner of the icon.


Handle to the icon to be drawn. The icon resource must have been previously loaded by using the LoadIcon or LoadImage functions.

Nonzero indicates success. Zero indicates failure. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.

This function is implemented as a macro, defined as DrawIconEx(hdc, x, y, hicon, 0, 0, 0, NULL, DI_NORMAL).

DrawIcon places the icon's upper-left corner at the location specified by the X and Y parameters. The location is subject to the current mapping mode of the device context.

Headerpwinuser.h, winuser.h
Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 1.0 and later
Windows MobileWindows Mobile 6.5 and later, Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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