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XML-Related Properties

SQL Server 2000

The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (SQLOLEDB) implements several new provider-specific properties that are used to retrieve XML from Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000. These properties are available to ADO applications as dynamic properties.

These properties are used to specify the mapping schema against which an XPath query is specified as a command or to specify an XSL file to process the results.

Property Name Description
Base Path Property The Base Path property specifies a file path or URL to use for resolving relative paths in a template (for example, XSL on a template root directory, sql:mapping-schema attribute on a sql:xpath:query, external schema references in an inline schema, or Mapping Schema and XML Root properties).
Content Type Property The Content Type property returns the output content type of an XML transmission.
Mapping Schema Property The Mapping Schema property specifies a file name or URL that points to the mapping schema used by the provider to translate an XPath command.
SS STREAM FLAGS Property The SS STREAM FLAGS property specifies how an application manages mapping schemas, XSL files, and templates.
XML Root Property The XML Root property provides a root tag in which the query result is wrapped to return a well-formed document.
XSL Property The XSL property specifies an XSL file name or URL applied to the result of a query.

These ADO properties map to standard OLE DB 2.6 properties and are used when retrieving the results of a Command execution as a stream.

Property Name Description
Output Encoding Property The Output Encoding property specifies the encoding to use in the stream set or returned by the Execute method.
Output Stream Property The Output Stream property specifies the stream containing the results returned by the Execute method.

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