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DynamicContext Code Sample


Last updated: March 2006


This is a simple Windows Form application, written in C#, which programmatically sets context by using the Factoid and WordList properties of the RecognizerContext class. The user writes in two separate group boxes. The first groupbox enhances recognition by using the IS_ADDRESS_STATEORPROVINCE input scope. The application uses the result of the first recognition to retrieve a set of customer names associated with that state or province and that reside in an XML file. The application uses those customer names to create a word list to send to a second RecognizerContext object, which is used to enhance recognition of names written in the second groupBox. 


File Name: DynamicContextSample.EXE

Version: v. 1.0

Date Published: December 2004

Language: English

Download Size: 123 kb

Click here to download the sample.

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