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IDXEffect::StepResolution Property

This topic documents a feature of Visual Filters and Transitions, which is deprecated as of Windows Internet Explorer 9 and obsolete as of Internet Explorer 10.

Retrieves the step size that corresponds to the smallest meaningful change for the IDXEffect::Progress property.


HRESULT IDXEffect::get_StepResolution(float *pVal);


Pointer to a variable of type float that receives the smallest meaningful step size for the transform's transition.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT value that depends on the implementation of the interface.


Some transforms might not have a natural step resolution, or might be unable to compute their resolution. In these cases, the transform returns a value of zero.

The value returned by this property can be used to determine the maximum number of times a transform must execute for a complete transition. For example, if the transform is alpha fading from 0 to 255 (clear to fully opaque), the step resolution is 0.00392, or 1/255.

Executing the transform in smaller steps than pVal does not affect the outcome of the transform. You can use this to skip unnecessary executions of transforms.

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