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4.7.1 Qualified Name Resolution

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Given a qualified namespace or type name of the form N.R, where R is the rightmost identifier in the qualified name, the following steps describe how to determine to which namespace or type the qualified name refers:

  1. Resolve N, which may be either a qualified or unqualified name.
  2. If resolution of N fails or does not resolve to a namespace or type, a compile-time error occurs. If R matches the name of a namespace or type in N, then the qualified name refers to that namespace or type.
  3. If N contains one or more standard modules, and R matches the name of a type in exactly one standard module, then the qualified name refers to that type. If R matches the name of types in more than one standard module, a compile-time error occurs.
  4. Otherwise, a compile-time error occurs.
    Note   An implication of this resolution process is that type members do not shadow namespaces or types when resolving namespace or type names.

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