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Notification Sample Application

Topic Last Modified: 2006-06-12

Notifications are used in many systems for performing event-based processing. Event-based processing is useful in a Web-based document storage environment because it allows a client to perform actions based on changes in the state of the server. If the server is mail-enabled, these notifications may be used to inform the client of the arrival of new mail or changes to a resource. For more information about notifications, see WebDAV Notifications. For more information about notification types, see Notification-Type Header.

The Notification Sample Application uses the WebDAV protocol to subscribe to new mail, delete, and update events in a public or mailbox folder in the Exchange store. The Notification Sample Application consists of a Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET user interface and a Microsoft C# class library. The C# class library provides a code wrapper for the SUBSCRIBE Method, the POLL Method, and the UNSUBSCRIBE Method, and can be used to create a subscription on a collection or resource in an Exchange store. The Visual Basic .NET user interface uses the C# class library to subscribe to a resource in an Exchange store and poll the Microsoft Exchange server for event notifications. The Notification Sample Application can be used on a computer that is not running Exchange Server 2007 . It must be used on a computer that has the Microsoft .NET Framework installed.

This sample application is intended for instructional purposes and is not meant to be installed in a production environment.

The following topics provide more information about the Notification Sample Application.

Navigating the Notification Sample Application Source Code

Setting Up the Notification Sample Application

Using the Notification Sample Application

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