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Record Size in Tracking Databases

To help you plan your hardware requirements for BizTalk, the following table shows the expected record size for various event records in the Tracking database.


Action Type Size Notes

Deploying a Service

1864 + Symbolic Information Size

Symbolic Information depends on the size of the orchestration. For example, an orchestration that receives one message and sends one message out with 2 shapes in it takes approximately 4000 bytes.

Started and Successfully Completed Service Instance

Normally 252 bytes.

Extreme cases, can reach 735 bytes.


Started and Failed/Exception Met Service Instance

Normally 252 bytes + error information.

Extreme cases can reach 735 bytes + error information.

Error information is the text data returned by a BizTalk or user component. Ranges from 100 bytes to 2 KB.

Start/End of a Shape In an Orchestration

120 bytes each.


Message In/Out Events

Minimum 162 bytes.

First time message is seen it is 202 bytes + Message Property (if tracked)

Extreme cases can reach 2930 bytes.

You can safely assume that the average is 182 bytes if there is no message property tracking.

Message Property Size

40 to 288 bytes if DTA recognizes this tracking property.

Add up to 268 bytes for tracking the property the first time.


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