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Windows SharePoint Services Adapter

[Unless specifically noted, the content in this topic applies to BizTalk Server 2013 and 2013 R2.]

The BizTalk Server adapter for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services provides a tighter integration of BizTalk Server with Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office. Using the Windows SharePoint Services adapter in your BizTalk Server solution provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Easy access to input and output messages through Windows SharePoint Services.

  • The ability to edit XML messages by using Office applications such as Microsoft Office InfoPath.

  • Two-way transformations of XML messages to and from InfoPath.

The SharePoint Services adapter consists of the following components:


CSOM SharePoint Services Adapter

Uses the SharePoint Services Client Side Object Model (CSOM). The adapter is installed when BizTalk Server is installed. There are no additional installation steps.

The BizTalk Server installation automatically installs the SharePoint Client Object Model Redistributable, which is also available at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=263482.

SSOM SharePoint Services Web Service

Deprecated. Uses the SharePoint Services Service Side Object Model (SSOM).

The web service is installed on the SharePoint Services computer, which can be on the same computer as BizTalk Server or a separate computer.

To install the web service, run the BizTalk Server installation on the SharePoint Services computer and check Windows SharePoint Services Adapter.

Appendix B: Install the Microsoft SharePoint Adapter provides more information on the SharePoint Services installation.

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