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Core OS Services Catalog Items (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following core OS services Catalog items appear in Microsoft Platform Builder.

Catalog itemSysgen variableDescription
Battery DriverSYSGEN_BATTERYAdds the battery driver to your run-time image.

For more information, see Battery Drivers.

Keyboard Test ApplicationSYSGEN_KEYBDTESTAdds the keyboard test application to your run-time image.

For more information, see Keyboard Drivers.

LMemDebug Memory Debugging HooksSYSGEN_LMEMDEBUGA functionality in the OS's local memory support that provides OEMs and application developers with information about the allocations performed by the OS.

You can use memory debugging hooks to trace memory leaks and evaluate system performance.

Platform ManagerSYSGEN_PLATMANAdds support for Platform Manager to your run-time image.

For more information, see Platform Manager.

Remote Display ApplicationSYSGEN_CERDISPSupports the Windows CE Remote Display (CERDisp) utility, which displays a Windows CE device screen on a remote desktop.

The Remote Display utility also supports the Windows CE Remote Display Host (CERHost) application.

Tiny Kernel Test Sample ApplicationSYSGEN_TKTESTA sample application that runs Windows CE in its smallest configuration.

The sample works without a file system and demonstrates threads, critical selections, and other kernel services that are available.

Toolhelp APISYSGEN_TOOLHELPA set of debugger application programming interfaces (APIs) for ToolHelp.

For more information, see ToolHelp Reference.

Touch Driver Test ApplicationSYSGEN_TCHTESTAdds the touch screen driver test application to your run-time image.

For more information, see Touch Screen Drivers.

Device ManagerSYSGEN_DEVICETracks all loaded device drivers and their interfaces, and issues notifications when device interfaces are added or removed.

The Device Manager registers special file names with the kernel that do the following tasks:

  • Map the stream interface functions
  • Load and track drivers by reading and writing registry values
  • Unload drivers when their devices are no longer needed

For more information, see Device Manager.

Display SupportSYSGEN_DISPLAYA display driver on the run-time image.

Windows CE supports several display drivers. When you set a BSP environment variable, it chooses the correct driver.

For more information, see Display Drivers.

Internet Appliance (IABASE) SupportSYSGEN_IABASEA functionality that adds support for the Internet Appliance design template.

For more information, see Internet Appliance Design Template.

Fiber APISYSGEN_FIBERA set of APIs that makes it easier to port applications that were designed to schedule their own threads.

Fibers are units of execution that must be manually scheduled by the application.

Fibers run in the context of the threads that schedule them, and each thread can schedule multiple fibers.

For more information, see Fiber Reference.

FormatMessage APISYSGEN_FMTMSGA Microsoft® Win32® API that can return a system error message string based on the value returned by GetLastError.
FormatMessage API - System Error MessagesSYSGEN_FMTRESAn API that contains the system error messages identified in Winerror.h and returned by FormatMessage.
Memory Mapped FilesSYSGEN_NKMAPFILEA set of Win32–based file-mapping APIs, with which a data file can be mapped into memory and then referenced like a memory pointer.

The mapping APIs can also be used to allocate memory that can be shared between processes.

Message Queue - Point-to-PointSYSGEN_MSGQUEUEA point-to-point message queue used to communicate between threads and processes. It is not based on the UI.

For more information, see Message Queue Point-to-Point Reference.

Non UI based NotificationSYSGEN_MINNOTIFYThe non-UI based support for user notifications.
UI based NotificationSYSGEN_NOTIFYThe UI-based support for user notifications.
Notification LED SupportSYSGEN_NLEDThe notification LED driver.

For more information, see Notification LED Drivers.

Parallel Port SupportSYSGEN_PARALLELThe parallel port driver.

For more information, see Parallel Port Drivers.

PNP NotificationsSYSGEN_FSADVERTISEA functionality of the AdvertiseInterface system. This functionality is automatically included if either Storage Manager or Device Manager is selected.
Power Management (Full)SYSGEN_PMA fully implemented Power Manager framework, including all APIs and features.

Power Manager applications and drivers can do the following tasks:

  • Suspend the system
  • Control device power levels
  • Register for notifications of power-related activities such as suspend, absence of user/system activity, and change in battery level.

Drivers can intelligently self-manage power.

For more information, see Power Management.

Power Management (Minimal)SYSGEN_PMSTUBSA minimal Power Management framework implementation.

All APIs are present but not fully functional.

Drivers and applications can suspend the system and register for notifications of change in battery level.

For more information, see Power Management.

Serial Port SupportSYSGEN_SERDEVA functionality that supports standard Windows-based desktop functions for serial communications.

These functions can be used to do the following tasks:

  • Open, close, and manipulate serial ports
  • Transmit and receive data
  • Manage the serial port connection

For more information, see Serial Communications and Serial Port Drivers.

USB Host SupportSYSGEN_USBThe core, shared components of the universal serial bus (USB) software stack. They are required for developing USB drivers on the run-time image.

For more information, see USB Host Controller Drivers.

USB Human Input Device (HID) Class DriverSYSGEN_USB_HIDA sample USB class driver that supports HID-compatible USB devices on a run-time image.

For more information, see HID Drivers.

USB Printer Class DriverSYSGEN_USB_PRINTERA sample USB class driver that supports USB printer-class-compatible devices on a run-time image.

For more information, see USB Host Printer Client Driver .

USB Remote NDIS Class DriverSYSGEN_ETH_USB_HOSTA sample USB class driver that supports Remote NDIS-compatible Ethernet adapters.

For more information, see USB Host RNDIS Client Driver.

USB Storage Class DriverSYSGEN_USB_STORAGEA sample USB class driver that supports USB Storage-class compatible devices.

For more information, see USB Host Mass Storage Client Driver.

The following table shows core OS services SYSGEN variables that are not exposed in the Catalog.

SYSGEN variableDescription
SYSGEN_PM_PDAA Power Manager framework customized for Windows Mobile-based devices.

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