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Configuring a Serial Remote Connection (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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You can use a serial port connection to download or debug a run-time image.

For target devices that do not have an Ethernet connection, download and debug using multiple serial ports. To download through a serial port, a serial boot loader is required. A serial boot loader (Sboot.bin) is provided on the x86 boot floppy disk. For more information about boot loaders, see Boot Loaders.

To configure a serial remote connection

  1. Start the target device.
  2. Connect a null modem cable from the development workstation to the COM2 serial port on the target device.

    For information on the null modem cable, see Null Modem Cable Architecture.

  3. From the Target menu, choose Connectivity Options to open the Target Connectivity Options window.
  4. Below Service Configuration, select Kernel Service Map; then, from the Download list, choose Serial and then choose the Settings button.

    The following table shows the settings to use in the Serial Download Settings window.

    Baud Rate115200
    Data Bits8
    Flow ControlNone
    Stop Bits1
  5. To complete the remote connection configuration process and close the dialog box, choose OK twice.

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