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SQL Grammar

The WMI ODBC adapter supports a subset of the ODBC Minimum SQL Grammar. It does not support data definition language (DDL) constructs and writable data manipulation language (DML) constructs. If the data provider supports queries, the adapter decomposes the ODBC minimum SQL into a series of WMI Level 1 queries, and then passes the queries to the data provider. Thus, queries can be optimized for specific data providers.

Note  For more information about support or requirements for installation on a specific operating system, see Operating System Availability of WMI Components.

In Level 1 Provider SQL Grammar, all operations are on a single table, and dynamic parameters are not supported. This grammar can be converted into postfix notation (which means the functions are preceded by all their operands) to facilitate the implementation of a simpler stack-based SQL parser in the data provider.



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