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Using Certificate Enrollment Control

The Certificate Enrollment Control is a single object with many properties and several methods that can be used to determine how the Certificate Enrollment Control processes the user information, the type of certificate to be requested, how the keys are to be generated, where the certificate is to be stored, and related processes. There are two primary uses of the Certificate Enrollment Control: to create a certificate request (PKCS #10), and to receive the returned certificate and store it in a certificate store. For details and syntax for creating an instance of the Certificate Enrollment Control object, setting its properties, and using its methods, see the following topics.

Creating an instance of the Certificate Enrollment Control object in different programming languages Creating an Instance of the Certificate Enrollment Control Object
Using Certificate Enrollment Control properties in different programming languages Using the Certificate Enrollment Control Properties
Collecting the necessary information and submitting a certificate request in different programming languages. Creating the Certificate Request
Extracting and storing the completed certificate Receiving the Returned Certificate
Retrieving information from return values in different languages Method Return Values
Checking for errors Error Checking




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