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The [string] Attribute in Arrays

You can use the [ string] attribute for one-dimensional character arrays, wide-character arrays, and byte arrays that represent text strings. If you use the [string] attribute, the client stub uses the C-library functions strlen or wstrlen to count the number of characters in the string. To avoid possible inconsistencies, MIDL does not let you use the [string] attribute at the same time as the [ first_is], [ last_is], and [ size_is] attributes.

With null-terminated strings in C, you must allow space for the null character at the end of the string. For example, when declaring a string that will hold up to 80 characters, allocate 81 characters. The following sample IDL file demonstrates how to declare arrays with the [string] attribute.

/* IDL file */
interface arraytest
  void fArray8([in, out, string] char achArray[]);



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