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Lesson 2: Adding a Parameter (Report Builder 1.0)

In this lesson, you will add a parameter that prompts the report reader to select a sales territory and a second parameter that prompts report readers to select a sales order year. For the sales order year, you will specify the year "2003" as the default.

To specify a prompt

  1. With the report design displayed in the Report Builder window, on the Report menu, click Filter.

    The Filter Data dialog box opens.

  2. In the Entities list, select Territory.


    There are two Territory entities listed: one is the role from the Sales Person entity and the second is the role from the Sales Orders entity. For the purpose of this tutorial, you want to select the Territory entity that is a role from the Sales Person entity. The Territory role is indented in the list below the Sales Person entity.

  3. In the Fields list, double-click Group.

    A filter clause is added in the filter area.

  4. In the filter clause, click Group and select Prompt.

  5. Click equals and then select in a list.

    By changing the comparison operator, your report readers can select one or more territories from a list.

To specify a default parameter value

  1. In the Entities list, select Sales Order.

  2. In the Fields list, expand the Order Date field and then double-click #Order Year.

  3. In the filter clause, right-click Order Year and select Prompt.

  4. In the Order Year drop-down list, select 2003.

    The filter clauses should appear similar to the following image.

    Filter Data dialog with parameters specified.

  5. To exit the Filter Data dialog box, click OK.

You have successfully added two parameters to your report. In the next lesson, you will run the report and specify values for the parameters. See Lesson 3: Running a Report with Parameters (Report Builder 1.0).

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