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Task List Window

The Task List window helps you to organize and manage the work of building your application.

To display the Task List window

  • Select Show Tasks from the View, and choose a category of messages to display

- or -

  • Select Other Windows from the View menu, and choose Task List.

In the Task List window, you can:

  • Identify and locate problems detected automatically as you edit or compile code.
  • Double-click any IntelliSense message, comment, or shortcut to open the appropriate editor, and move the insertion point to the specified location.
  • Identify and locate problems detected while applying Enterprise Template policies.
  • Enter user notes related to the solution in the Click here to add a new task field.
  • Filter the Task List entries displayed using any of several predefined views.
  • Sort Task List entries by the columns heads Priority, Category, Checked, Description, File, or Line.

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