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Database Changes Detected Dialog Box

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Notifies you that the data row you are editing in the Results pane is no longer current. This dialog box appears when you attempt to save changes to a row by moving to another row in the Results pane and the Query and View Designer determines that the corresponding row in the database has changed. This situation occurs most often when another user has edited the row and saved the changes since you executed your query.

The dialog box displays a message asking how you want to proceed.


Choose this button to specify that you want to save your changes and overwrite the changes made by the other user.


Choose this button to discard the changes you have made and fetch the most current version of the row. The Query and View Designer returns you to the Results pane after rereading the row from the database.


Choose this button to return to the Results pane without saving the row and without discarding your changes. If you choose this option, you can attempt to save the row again or make further changes, such as matching your edits to the version of the row in the database.

Tip   To see the most current version of the row without discarding your changes, execute a second query against the data you are editing.

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