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Visual Basic Sample Abstracts

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In This Section

Console: Localized Hello World Sample
Demonstrates localizing your applications for different cultures.
Web Forms: DHTML Sample
Demonstrates that Dynamic HTML (DHTML) is still a useful tool in the world of .NET programming.
Web Forms: User Control Sample
Demonstrates how to build a custom ASP.NET User Control in Visual Basic .NET and access it from a Web Forms page.
XML Web Services: Windows Forms Client/Asynchronous XML Web Service Sample
Demonstrates how to call an XML Web service asynchronously.
Windows Forms: Calc Sample
Demonstrates how to create the equivalent of a control array in Visual Basic .NET by using common methods to handle the individual controls' click events.
Windows Forms: Localization Sample
Demonstrates how to save culture preferences to your computer that persist from run to run of your application.
Windows Forms: Multi-Threaded TCP/IP Listener Sample
Demonstrates a technique for creating a multi-threaded application that generates and listens for TCP/IP traffic.
Windows Forms: Multilingual Form Sample
Demonstrates using different culture information in a Windows Forms application.
Windows Forms: Performance Monitor Sample
Demonstrates how to monitor system performance using performance counters. This sample is also an introduction to performance counters.
Windows Forms: Process Controller Sample
Demonstrates how to build a Visual Basic Windows application for processes and services monitoring.
Windows Forms: Registry Client Sample
Demonstrates how to use the Registry classes to add a new registry key and manipulate the values associated with that key.
Windows Forms: Scribble Sample
Demonstrates a Windows Forms MDI drawing application.
Windows Forms: System Tray Sample
Demonstrates how to use the status area of the Windows taskbar in a Visual Basic .NET application.
Windows Forms: Vehicle Sample
Demonstrates inheritance by implementing a vehicle class for cars and boats.
Windows Forms: Weather Sample
Demonstrates how to use the .NET Framework's XML classes to query an XML document and retrieve the weather forecast for a specified city.
Windows Forms: Winlogger Sample
Demonstrates using a logging component to write to a text file and the Windows Application Event Log.

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