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Behind the Scenes of Fitch and Mather 7.0

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In addition to the View ASP.NET and View Source Code links at the bottom of every web page, the sample also incorporates a Behind the Scenes link. Behind the Scenes is a graphical portal into the documentation that accompanies the Fitch and Mather 7.0 enterprise sample. You can use this feature to more readily access topic-specific documentation and implementation details while you browse the web pages of the sample. You can also browse these topics from the list below.

Behind the Scenes allows you to determine one object's relationship to another, study program flow through the architectural layers, or simply focus on code elements that interest you — all without obscuring your browser window or otherwise interrupting the sample browsing experience.

In This Section

Account Summary
Displays the account balance for the currently logged on user.
Buy Stock
Includes functions that enable the currently logged on user to buy stock and add it to a portfolio.
Makes it possible for a user to create a session.
Makes it possible for a user to disconnect from a session.
Open a New Account
Makes it possible for a user to create an account.
Displays a table of the currently logged on user's details regarding securities.
Research a Company
Includes fields that a user completes to look up a company in order to obtain the company's statistics.
Sell Stock
Includes functions that enable a user to sell stock and decrement it from the portfolio.
Ticker Detail
Displays results that a user obtained when selecting the stock ticker (Symbol) or Company name within the Research a Company page.

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