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Visual Studio 6.0

istream& getline( char* pch, int nCount, char delim = '\n' );

istream& getline( unsigned char* puch, int nCount, char delim = '\n' );

istream& getline( signed char* psch, int nCount, char delim = '\n' );


pch, puch, psch

A pointer to a character array.


The maximum number of characters to store, including the terminating NULL.


The delimiter character (defaults to newline).


Extracts characters from the stream until either the delimiter delim is found, the limit nCount–1 is reached, or end of file is reached. The characters are stored in the specified array followed by a null terminator. If the delimiter is found, it is extracted but not stored.

The get function, in contrast, neither extracts nor stores the delimiter.

istream OverviewInput Stream Classes

See Also   istream::get, istream::read

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