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Troubleshooting Full-Text Search

SQL Server 2000

For immediate help in diagnosing Full-Text Search issues, see the online troubleshooter on the Product Support Web site. For more information, see Help with Full-Text Search

Full-Text Catalog Administration

The error "Cannot general SSPI context" may occur during an operation such as rebuilding or populating a Full-Text Catalog. This error occurs when an invalid Service Principal Name (SPN) prevents MSSearch from making an OLE DB connection to SQL Server.

Resolve this error by finding and deleting the invalid SPN using the SetSPN utility from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit. Alternatively, stop and then start the SQL Server service on the local server.

To list the current registered SPNs, type the following from a command prompt:

Setspn -l SQLServerName

To delete the invalid SPN, type the following from a command prompt:

Setspn -d SPN

Note  The value for the SQLServerName parameter can be either the server name if it is running under LocalSystem, or the service account name without a domain qualifier.

For more information about the SetSPN utility, see the Windows 2000 Resource Kit documentation.

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