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IReposTypeLib2 Interface

SQL Server 2000

IReposTypeLib2 Interface

The IReposTypeLib2 interface inherits from the IReposTypeLib interface. It allows model creators to define dependencies between information models that are stored in a repository.

The interface IReposTypeLib2 adds two collections, DependsOn and UsedBy, which are connected through the ReposTypeLibDependency relationship. When an installation script for a repository type library is inserted into a repository database, the repository engine stores this information by using the DependsOn collection.

Note  The engine does not automatically calculate the dependency information for models created using the repository API.

When to Use

Use the IReposTypeLib2 interface to define dependencies between type libraries in information models.

IReposTypeLib Property Description
TypeLibID The global identifier for the repository type library

IReposTypeLib2 Property Description
Prefix Stores the prefix of an interface name to distinguish an interface from other identically named interfaces

IUnknown Method Description
QueryInterface Returns pointers to supported interfaces
AddRef Increments the reference count
Release Decrements the reference count

IDispatch Method Description
GetIDsOfNames Maps a single member and a set of argument names to a corresponding set of dispatch identifiers
GetTypeInfo Retrieves a type information object, which can be used to get the type information for an interface
GetTypeInfoCount Retrieves the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1)
Invoke Provides access to properties and methods exposed by an Automation object

IRepositoryDispatch Method Description
get_Properties Retrieves the IReposProperties interface pointer. The IReposProperties interface provides access to the Properties collection.

IReposTypeLib Methods Description
CreateClassDef Creates a new class definition object
CreateInterfaceDef Creates a new interface definition object
CreateRelationshipDef Creates a new relationship definition object

IReposTypeLib Collection Description
ReposTypeInfos The collection of all classes, interfaces, and relationship types that are defined in the repository type library
ReposTypeLibContexts The collection of one Repository root object that is the context for the repository type library

IReposTypeLib2 Collection Description
DependsOn The collection that relates type libraries that depend on other type libraries
UsedBy The collection that relates type libraries used by other type libraries

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